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Love is the cement of the universe; it holds all things in place and in eternal keeping; its very nature is celestial peace, its very characteristic is cosmic harmony, permeating all things, boundless, deathless, infinite, eternal. It is everywhere, and is the very heart of the heart of all that is. . . .

Love is the great attractive power which links thing to thing, human heart to human heart; and the higher one goes in evolution, the closer does love enwrap its tendrils through all the fiber of one’s being . . .

Personal love is but a reflection of it; and personal love is fallible, because the ray is so feeble. Anything that has as its motivating cause the desire for personal benefit is not true love.

In personal love the veils of personality begin to thicken before the inner eye, because personal desire collects and thickens into one’s aura – the surrounding psychic atmosphere – and condenses it, and this it is which causes the thickening of the psychic veils, obscuring the inner vision and understanding. The essence of true love is self-forgetfulness . . .

If a man’s heart and mind are filled solely with a personal love, then he loves this but he does not love that . . . Impersonal love is always kindly to everything and to everybody . . .

Impersonal love is divine. It illuminates the heart; it broadens the mind; it fills the soul with a sense of oneness with all that is . . . Love all that lives and you then ally yourself with invincible cosmic powers and you become strong and spiritually and intellectually clairvoyant. . . .

Let your heart expand with the divine energies latent within it: love, compassion, pity, understanding of others . . . Be kindly; refuse to hate. . . .

Forgive and love; and you thereby place your feet on the pathway that will lead you direct to the spiritual sun which rises eternally with healing in its wings. Forgive and love; and before you know it, you will feel the sweet influence of the Buddhic splendor – the Christ spirit – stealing all through your being. You will then become a beneficent power on earth, not merely beloved of your fellow men, but a blessing to all beings.

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