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Our ultimate reality is multidimensional, infinite and timeless. Life in all its forms, the ONE Universal Soul (the Source) experiencing itself in the form of Individual Self.  It is not the sum of its endless manifestations, as it exists in every one of them as a whole. There is no separation between things, no empty space, as everything is alive, conscious and whole. In its timeless state, the universe is constantly developing. Every moment is a new creation, all those moments exist multidimensional as one. The soul is an individualized expression of the Source – Void / All That Is – All That Is Not. Though I don't see it as a fragmented separate piece, but as an expression that has the full infinite potential to explore all other expressions that reside “within” the creation as well. It is not isolated from other souls as it is an open-ended system. There is constant interconnectedness and the soul shares aspects of itself in other souls.

 Universal Form


Consciousness knows no barriers. From an atom, a human, a galaxy, a universe, back to Source. Do you see where this is going? The Law of ONE.  The possible separation that our minds perceive is only the psychological framework from which individuality and diversity may emerge. It is a chosen rule for the game so to speak.


Souls are the Source exploring itself in a certain, specified way. They are the Source in action, the actualized potential, each representing an idea emerging from the infinite sea of possibilities, deriving new ideas from the original one. They expand into all “corners” of creation and beyond to the point where they merge back and become the infinite Source again, thus re-fulfilling their limitless potential. It is not a linear process, as it all happens in the NOW. The past no longer exists, the future is imaginary. All that exists is the ever present moment of NOW. This perceived process of creation and uncreation is simply a movement of consciousness. Each moment dies to give birth to the next. The only constant is change...



The soul is multidimensional and it has many different expressions (lives) of itself all existing at the same “time” in this infinite moment of NOW. The life I experience now is one of those expressions among many other parallel existences that the soul encounters simultaneously. The soul is not limited to merely human existence, this is only one of the countless others expressions.


Naturally all of this is only a perception, how we see things within the confinements of our personal reality and beliefs, and it is as valid as yours. The so-called ultimate truth is not accessible as a whole to an individuality based perception, as it is a collective of all the infinite personal truths. Everything is the truth and no individual truth excludes another. We are the ultimate truth, redefining it in each moment. 


The ever present moment of NOW

     I AM


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